The most effective way 
for technical experts to
become great communicators
  • Be heard

  • Make a difference
  • Get ahead
Do you experience the curse of knowledge?
Many technical experts are so close to the details of their work they either struggle to rise above them or consider them assumed knowledge. Their good ideas don't get the traction they deserve. Is any of this familiar?
  • You leave leadership forums with more questions than answers, and a request to come back again before a decision will be made
  • ​You work nights and weekends reworking the same recommendation after repeated rejections
  • ​Your peers are promoted before you because they have strong communication skills
A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.
Make the complex clear and the clear compelling
Understand your audience
Understand your audience deeply so you can craft messages that land with any audience, any time
Synthesise your ideas
You don’t have to be a natural born communicator to engage a business audience, you just need a clear point of view
Communicate powerfully
You’ll get faster responses, better decisions and stand out for the right reasons
Imagine ...
being respected for being both
a technical expert AND a great communicator
Let's break it down
Know where to start every time you communicate
Know the exact steps to take any time you sit down to prepare an email, a paper or a PowerPoint , or for a Huddle or a Stand Up. 
Leverage top-tier expertise and proven techniques
Use our rigorously tested storyline patterns built on the back of decades helping executives across hundreds of organisations and disciplines. We'll also give you sample documents that you can cut and paste from.
Get faster decisions
Our structured communication approach helps you clarify your main message, deliver it early and get faster results. Most likely, you will also deliver significantly shorter communication  (without sacrificing analytical integrity).
Enjoy smoother stakeholder management processes
Learn how to get better, faster input from stakeholders and massively cut the rework required when preparing substantial pieces of communication. Discover new ways to collaborate with your team too.
Great communicators
are made... 
not born
Join other motivated executives
in a collaborative, non competitive learning environment
Advocacy Kit
Practical tools to help you turn your boss into your advocate. The first step is to get your boss alongside as you walk the Clarity First learning journey, and then more broadly.
This kit includes practical ideas for making the most of this program beyond 'just' improving the quality of your communication.
Curriculum Vitae
An annotated before and after example to help you apply for your next role, whether that is a promotion or something completely new. We are not suggesting you need to apply for a new job right away, but experience tells us that investing in Clarity First often leads to participants being noticed for the right reasons.
Study Planner
Everyone's situation and learning style are different. This planner offers explicit strategies to help you get the most out of the program, no matter whether you will work through the program systematically, need to squeeze the learning in around blocks of time when they are otherwise occupied, or someone who thrives on deadlines.
How does it work?
Learn core ideas in three ways. Complete 12 short, powerful learning modules which lay the conceptual foundation. Read our book, The So What Strategy, which we will reference throughout the program. Piggy back on our tools and templates as you put the ideas to use immediately.
Deepen your understanding during the 12, weekly online coaching sessions. I will facilitate as you will learn interactively with a global cohort of motivated professionals, all learning together as they strive to improve their communication skills. Sessions are recorded for those who can't make each one live.
Receive detailed feedback on a piece of your own communication from either myself or one of my qualified team. We all trained in top-tier environments, mainly McKinsey & Company.
Sustain momentum through regular emails and discussion about your experiences in applying the ideas to your own work. Many participants say that sharing their own experiences and hearing about other people's situations is a highlight.
Apply the concepts in your own work. Learning to synthesise complex ideas is simple in concept, but challenging in practice. Regular application will see you have greater impact while also saving time. Often substantial chunks of it. Many participants see a radical reduction in time taken to get results from their communication.
Join me and start seeing your 
ideas get traction
for $1,950 or $780 x 3 including taxes
What happens after I sign up? 
Let's say you sign up today, you will ...

Step 1: Receive a welcome email outlining the program schedule along with meeting invites to the weekly sessions, which start on 17 September 2019. We offer two sessions each week: 8am and 6pm Sydney time to suit any timezone.

Step 2: Access your bonuses.

Step 3: Receive your copy of The So What Strategy as well as a detailed learning journal as soon as the postal services can get them to you.

Step 4: Gain access to the program portal by 16 September at the latest. 

Step 5: Start learning with our support.

Is there a guarantee?
We will refund you fully if in the first 30 days you find
Clarity First is not everything we say it is.
What's next?
Recent clients include ... 
"I am enjoying the programme, and learning a lot every session.
It is brilliant wish I had done something like that years ago.
Why don't they teach it in MSc programmes ?!?!!

Banker, London
"This was the best course I have done.
I was always confident in my reasoning but not as confident with presenting it, particularly to audiences that were not on my wavelength. Davina has shown me how to organise my high-level messages which gets me a better response from my audiences. In fact, when I used the approach to present to the sales team last week half of them came up to me individually afterwards to compliment me on my presentation.
That has never happened before!"

Bojana, Customer experience adviser, Sydney Australia
"The program has helped me see the value of putting my main point first rather than always taking my audience on a journey through the data. Previously I would want to explain the background in some detail first to be sure that my audience knew where I was coming from, but since turning it around and providing the main point first I find I get a better response. I recently used the approach for a presentation at our regional conference and the response was really positive."

Operations Associate, Uber
"One of the things I have found particularly helpful about this program is that it has helped me think more about what my audience needs from my communication. The program has given me a specific framework for thinking about their needs, and has provided me with a very useful structure to communicate key points in a logical and clear manner."

Paige Taylor, Analyst, investment firm, top-tier now management consultant
"Apologies I have been absent.
I have been working through the program in a self directed way.
It really is terrific.
My schedule has been very loaded due to a number of big matters running in the organisation whose Board I chair."
Board Director, Australia
Davina Stanley
Hi, I'm Davina.

Clarity in thinking is essential in life and at work.

It offers the opportunity to solve the right problems and communicate powerful insights that move both your projects and your career forward.

The challenge most technical experts face is finding ways to 'get out of the details' so they can communicate complex ideas clearly.

The Clarity First Program enables you to deliver pithy and powerful communication that resonates with all kinds of professional audiences with radicallly less rework.

Our goal is to provide you with a universal, repeatable framework that you can turn to any time you need to communicate at work.

I've been helping technical experts from top companies globally communicate for more than 20 years. Originally learning to write when at teachers' college, I chose communication over the classroom and joined McKinsey & Company in Hong Kong as a communication specialist 6 years after graduating.

I have lived and worked in Australia, the US, Japan, Hong Kong and also supported clients in Europe and across Asia Pacific.
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